12th Fail Movie Review: Is It A Must-Watch?

The 12th Fail Movie is raising pernicious social issues and celebrates the human spirit. It is directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, and it’s nothing like you’d expect from him or the films he supports. For those who have carved themselves a niche in mainstream cinema, 12th Fail provides a place of honor in the archive. The film’s intensity and passion are both raw and sophisticated.

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However, there is a problem with the good cinema in India. Its marketing is pathetic. Films that are beautifully created with a social message depend on word of mouth, and good words usually take time to spread.

Brief About the Story

The film is based on the novel by Anurag Pathak, featuring the versatile Vikrant Massey as Manoj Kumar Sharma. The story is about a boy from Chambal who wants to join the police force. A 12th dropout, he wants to serve his nation and is prepping for the UPSC exams. His journey, however, takes a U-turn when he refuses to cheat in his board exams.

Despite the contradicting situation, through Manoj, the film narrates the idea of hope and courage through the hero who decides to restart every time he fails. In one of the poignant scenes from the film, Manoj (Vikrant Massey) says “To accept what is happening as your destiny, is the worst thing one can do”. And that’s what “12th Fail Movie” is all about. It is about fighting for what you want, without compromising on ideals you have grown up with.

The story is simple, but still very impactful and provoking. Just like Manoj, the film’s sincerity can be easily seen through each scene and frame, which is carefully put together to keep the authenticity and emotion of the story alive. The film used real students, the location, and the reality of the education system to make an impactful film.

12th Fail (Hindi)

Director: Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Cast: Vikrant Massey, Medha Shankar, Harish Khanna, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sarita Joshi
Run-time: 147 minutes
Storyline: Manoj, a motivated young Chambal kid, overcomes societal obstacles in his remarkable quest to join the Indian public services.

Vikrant Massey & Medha Shankar Ace the Role

The character of Manoj is such an idealist that Vikrant seems like the right fit for the role. Vikrant has done justice with the role, the acting and the dialogue delivery were on point. There is a thin line between being an idealist and pretending to be the one, Massey treads that carefully and doesn’t overplay the role at once.

There was innocence in the character of Manoj, who doesn’t know anything better. Manoj grew up with his idealist father, so it’s no surprise that he has this “steel-like confidence.” Vikrant carries the entire film on his shoulders, which is admirable. He never loses contact with Manoj.

On the other hand, Medha Shankar as Shraddha, Manoj’s partner was also acting her part. She provides essential support in the film’s happier parts. The story is interesting without becoming preachy or repetitive. Vidhu Vinod Chopra also delves into other facets of our educational system through the experiences of other people, including Manoj’s friend Pandey and his tutor Gauri Bhaiya.

The dialogues of the film are simple yet impactful, giving the spotlight to the harsh realities that students face, the corrupt system, and other challenges that come along while pursuing education and power. Even after confronting these issues, the film constantly upholds the essence of determination and conviction.

Additionally, cinematographer Rangarajan Ramabadran paints the clear and detailed moments in the Chambal and Mukherjee Nagar in New Delhi. The minimalistic but touching background goes well along with the performance. Special mention must be made of how Rangarajan Ramabadran handles the grain mill and Delhi Street.

Special recognition should be made of the entire Sound Department. Jaskunwar Kohli collaborates with Vidhu Vinod in editing the product to a keen narrative. The 12th Fail Movie Release Date was 27th October 2023, and it is still in the theater and is a must-watch!

Final Verdict

There are many films and series that are available on the OTT platform that depict the journey of the UPSC aspirants, explaining the struggles they go through during the whole process with the pressure and high expectations of society and family. The 12th Fail is no exception.

However, Chopra’s film captures the emotional and inspiring journey of the Hindi medium boy Manoj from the arid lands of Chambal to Delhi. Thereafter, finally becoming the IAS righteously makes it stand out.

Overall, the 12th Fail Movie Cast, dialogue and its delivery, and the story of Manoj are very inspiring and keep the viewers captivated throughout the film. And of course, Vikrant Massey the actor with great caliber navigates his body language, hesitant patterns and the self belief like a master. The story may feel repetitive, but Vikrant’s acting will leave everyone with tears of joy.

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